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Solar Panel

Icewell Resources Limited is a leading irrigation and pump supplier in Nigeria and West Africa, providing high-quality water solutions for over a decade. 
With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering top-notch water pumping solutions to farmers, businesses and individuals alike.

Our wide range of water pumping solutions and products are designed to meet a variety of industrial and residential needs in Nigeria. Whether you require pumps for agriculture, construction, manufacturing, or any other application, we have the right solutions for you.

Sectors we Cover

Farming & Agriculture


Enhance your farming operations with our reliable agricultural pumps designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture.

Industries & Businesses


A selection of industrial pumps engineered for efficiency, durability, and performance. We have you covered from huge industrial projects to schools and hospitals. 

Residential Homes

icewell pump

Keep your home running smoothly with our residential pump options, including well pumps and water pressure systems.

Water Filter Maintenance

Next Generation Solar Submersible Pump


This submersible pump is a combination product, powered at the surface by a solar surface water pump, and extended to lift deep groundwater.

Together, this top-quality submersible pump become a deep water access solution that has all the benefits of a surface pump and submersible pump, without the limitations of the other deep water pumps on the market.

Transforming Solar Powered Water Access


This solar surface water pumps promise superior pump performance and durability for significantly better value for money than any other solar pumps of like kind, quality and price.This superior performance pump was developed with a collaboration of Oxford UK academics and other world-experts in the field.

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